Split Screen Podcast: Episode 3 – The Tom Cruise Of Bollywood

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The third episode of the Split Screen Podcast is now live! If only I could say the same about the pair of movies featured in this episode. Tom Cruise almost parodies himself and his action movie status in Hollywood, with ‘Knight And Day’. The film is also known for being the first official Hollywood film to be remade into a Bollywood film by the same studios that made the original. The remake is ‘Bang Bang’, where Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan does an amazing job at essentially being that industry’s Tom Cruise, in a movie that strips away everything that made it fun and enjoyable. Listen on to see how we try to compare two films that are essentially mediocre on their own, but one definitely makes the other look like crap.

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Quick reminder of what this show is about:

The Split Screen Podcast will compare and analyze movies that are adaptations of other works, directly with the source material that they were inspired by. The goal is to essentially determine how good or bad the adaptations were and, most excitingly, going off on long winded, expletive laced rants when they’re bad. The realm of these films contain adaptions of novels, comic books, other films or TV shows, or any other movies that were directly inspired by another piece of work. Split Screen will also introduce the world to a mother load of Indian, a.k.a., Bollywood movies that were ‘inspired’ by classic and cult films of Hollywood and other film industries, sometimes with hilarious cinematic results!

Split Screen Podcast: Episode 02 - Bollywood's Tom Cruise

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