Movie Review: RUNNING SCARED (2006)

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Hmm, 2006 seems like such a long time ago. I apologize for the delay in this weeks old timey post, however, I’m sure it is Tuesday somewhere in the world, so I’ll forgive myself as well. This is a ‘review’ I wrote years ago… and it seems I was easily impressed in those days… such is youth.

Rating: 3 Out Of 5 Stars

Innovation, creativity and the lack of exposure are the main reasons why I choose to write reviews about films. Granted I specialize only in films from the Indian Film Industry, but that is more a personal choice and due to circumstances as I do not watch a lot of Hollywood films. And living in North America, through the media itself, most of us get to watch trailers and are exposed to most Hollywood films and know of them before deciding to experience them. Whereas the case with Indian films isn’t so. Most people at times watch an Indian film without even knowing what genre or what kind of a film it is. Which is why I try to provide people that have little time on their hands with reviews as to provide them with a selection of films I’ve considered to be great which otherwise they might not have heard of. But rare is it that a Hollywood film falls into these categories. It’s almost never that a mainstream Hollywood film gets ignored and receives little to no exposure despite its revolutionary effect in cinema. This is where RUNNING SCARED comes in.

Walker’s performance as a deceptively simple minded errand boy for the Italian mob leaves one astounded. With a lot of small-time film role experience under his belt, Walker is able to fully tap into his potential (previously unknown to us all) and deliver a performance rarely seen by a youngster, especially in Hollywood. As a frustrated lower rank of the Italian mafia, Walker’s character goes through hell in one night, as he frantically runs through the rough streets of the city trying to protect his family and avoid getting ‘bumped’ by his own crew. Walker’s subtle manner and the little nuances in his performance make him unrecognizable as the same actor with the wooden and over the top skills in THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS. Undeniably Walker’s best performance to date and I hope it’s not his last.

Oleg. A name that will be remembered, at least by me, as the greatest Russian kid in the history of cinema! The young Cameron Bright is the only supporting actor that needs to be mentioned from RUNNING SCARED. Appearing in a few big movies in the last few years, Cameron was seen as just another child artist, until RUNNING SCARED that is. Apart from Walker, Bright’s performance in this film is extremely stoic for a child artist. Bright’s delivery makes one take notice of this young child’s abilities at an early age. Playing an abused Russian child that takes out his frustrations through a gun, and starts the wild chase through the night by everyone from the Italian and Russian mafia, Walker’s character and the entire police force. If RUNNING SCARED is any indication, then Bright has a ‘bright’ career ahead of him. I severely apologize for that pun.

Now, the best thing about RUNNING SCARED, besides the screenplay, which itself was pretty genius, has to be the stunning visual effects rendered throughout the film. Now when I say stunning effects I don’t mean MATRIX style visual effects. The style with which RUNNING SCARED was created is incredibly subtle, despite a wide range of appealing graphic content and amazing visuals. Wayne Kramer is smart to layer the film with small incredible effects which end up being incredibly overwhelming and visually appealing, but is careful not to overdo it.

Wayne Kramer is one film maker that I’d be looking out for in the future, as his style or storytelling is the most imaginative that has been experienced in a while and one that effectively creates a world of intrigue and promises full and complete suspension of disbelief of the audience. Highly recommended film that will leave you in awe of both Kramer’s abilities and Paul Walkers newly found acting skills.

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