Reaction & Review of Salman Khan’s BHARAT Teaser

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So the newest Salman Khan movie, Bharat, released a Teaser, and so obviously I have thoughts.

I recently started a new YouTube channel, featuring yours truly. So there I was, early Friday morning at the gym on my day off, on the elliptical checking my social media feeds, as I do. And I came across everyone talking about the teaser for Bharat. Obviously, I watch it. And it’s definitely interesting enough that it invoked some thoughts in me. Most teaser/trailers are too bland to even comment on. But this was in that weird– not as bad as Race 3, but also not as gasp-shock-cool as Sultan— sweet spot. I figured I could spend 5 minutes rambling on about it.

I’m always a sucker for these long-form, epic stories about one man’s journey over decades as they grow, evolve and change through their experiences. Problem with Bollywood movies though, is that they rarely focus on the protagonist’s evolution. This is even more agregious when it comes to Salman movies given how they portray him as a badass from Scene 1. There is rarely anything he ‘learns’ or takes away from the story we spend 2.5 hours watching unfold.

However, since Bharat is a remake of the 2014 South Korean movie An Ode To My Father, it might be different? Director Ali Abbas Zafar also featured Salman in one of his most self aware movies in Sultan. So maybe there is hope for this one?

Salman obviously has a problematic relationship with audiences, fans and the box office. But it still never seems to stop his popularity and fandom; Race 3 being somewhat of an exception. So let’s see what happens with Bharat at the end of opening weekend.

Now, despite trying to take it easier in 2019, I decided to shoot, record, edit and upload a Teaser Reaction & Review video for the Bharat teaser on an impulse. The end result is now available for everyone to mock and criticize.

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