RAGHAV’s Back – The Enigmatic Musician Returns

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I don’t know how many of you people will remember him, but he was a wicked artist back in the day. I’m talking about Raghav, this Hindi-pop-hiphop fusion artist who had some awesome tracks and albums a few years ago.

Last album was from back in 2009 entitled IDENTITY. It was a cool album, but not as good as his 2004 hit STORYTELLER. Which spawned awesome singles like:


He topped a lot of charts and headlined a lot of shows with some great singles that are still today rocked in clubs and remix albums.

Back in those days (it wasn’t that long ago) I used to go around telling anyone who would listen (I got ignored a lot) that this kid could make it pretty big in Bollywood if he ever entered the fray, as it were, as a playback singer (the guys whose songs are lip synced to by the Indian actors).

Well Raghav is back and in Bollywood now! OK, that exclamation point was unecessarily exagerrated. The prodigy is back with a new number in a Bollywood film, HUM TUM SHABANA. Check out the song + video featuring Raghav below.


The song is pretty catchy.  It’s simple, and very extravagantyly rockin’. Something RA.ONE couldn’t do with their ‘Chamak Challo’ song, these guys actually feature Raghav, the international artist in the damn video!!

It’s pretty cool to have this guy back and now in Bollywood. More recently, other singing favourites of my who where pretty obscure and small time back in the day… have been doing some great work in Bollywood.

Ali Zafar, singer of some great albums like ‘Huqa Pani’ has now acted and sung in a Yash Raj Films production with Imran Khan and Katrina, MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN.

Atif Aslam, the famous artist of “Bheegi Yaadein”, “Tere Bin” and countless others has been doing playback singing for Bollywood for a while… but his recent film BOL is getting rave critial reviews.

Here’s hoping more awesome artists make the jump into Bollywood, so we can have more tunes from them. I leave with another awesome Raghav track. Happy Rosh Hashanah all!!



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