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So… I’m getting pretty bored of just film / TV reviews on here, so I’m going to start rambling about other stuff.

Haven’t heard that much online about the new Shahrukh Khan movie trailer. To be fair, I haven’t really been looking.  Well regardless, I found the trailer insteresting, so figured why the hell not talk about it?

Not a lot of info about film has been released yet.  What we do know is that the almighty SRK has added ‘screenwriting’ credit to his already jam packed resume with this one, the story of which is written by the same dude that wrote AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS: that awesome Jackie Chan movie at the beginning of that period when people started to not give a shit about Jackie Chan movies… so, I’m super excited about RA.ONE! But… to be fair, the director is Anubhav Sinha who did DUS, which is one of my favourites Bollywood action films,  even though his track record is pretty hit and miss. However, it’s rare that SRK does a movie that doesn’t have something going for it… besides himself of course. OK, enough of me… let’s get to the trailer.

For a teaser, this is very effective. The stunt sequences play out a li’l cliche’d and done to death, the awkward flips and hand directing cars to flip away, etc. However the anticipation aspect is pretty on the nose. The trailer mainly features SRK, in some cool get ups, flying (?) between two trains and even landing in between the cars of one at one point… in what looks like a jacket less tuxedo? Basically doing cool stunts and building some great hype for the movie.

Speaking of outfits, he’s also seen in another look which can be seen in more detail above, but I gotta admit, it looks pretty cool. I could do without the belt with catridges, but other than that, I like. Especially the liquid, electronic cloud like circuity that’s being revealed where muscles should be (i.e. his bicep) look amazing!

Now, I’ve done some digging, and even though there’s no official preview/synopsis of the film from the usual reliable sources… one site does give a bit of story for the film. And basically… it’s an Indianized TRON LEGACY. Yea, that’s right. Software Engineer dad creates a game, villain in game kills dad, son has to avenge father by teaming up with daddy’s own digitized avatar that’s still in the game to defeat said villain. That’s it.

I’ll still watch it, but I was a little disappointed to hear that it’s suspiciously similar to LEGACY, instead of what looked like an original story. I guess we’ll have to wait and watch to see how good it really is.

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