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While stumbling through my regular 300+ a day emails, I was checking out Disney’s latest animated feature, PLANES. It seems like a spin off from CARS, and although I could be wrong, pay attention to the tag line on the poster.

Disney - Pixar's Planes 2013

oh yea… this’ll be real good!

Now what’s interesting about this (to me anyways), is that while browsing the cast on IMDB, I came across a name I didn’t expect. Apparently, Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra is in this movie, playing, what I can only assume, is an Indian character. Maybe an Indian car? Like a Tata? Her character’s name is Ishani. PLANES features the voices of awesome people like Val Kilmer, Julie Louis-Dreyfuss, John Cleese, Teri Hatcher, Dane Cook, Cedric The Entertainer, Sinbad, and so on. So given the likes of such a huge star cast attached to this, I don’t expect her role to be anything great or even significant.

Priyanka Chopra Bollywood Actress

Priyanka Chopra: hot… but can’t sing for crap.

Chopra is known for her more recently amazing body of work, doing serious roles these days and over the last few years, becoming one of Bollywood more respected and veteran actresses. Her most recent movies include the critically acclaimed 7 KHOON MAAF and last year’s BARFI!, in which she played an autistic woman. It’s not surprising that Chopra would be dabbling in Hollywood, given that she recently also made her worldwide singing debut with the ‘hit’ single “In My City”, featuring artist Will.I.Am as well. The song and music video itself was what would happen if a Tourism video and a cell phone commercial had a torrid love affair and produced an illegitimate child.

A voice role in a movie full of awesome Hollywood actors, and probably having a few minutes of screen time, is far from being a ‘break out Hollywood role’. I just thought it was interesting that she’d be doing something so insignificant. And especially that this news hasn’t been blown out of proportion by the South Asian media outlets. As far as I know anyways.

Priyanka Chopra Bollywood Actress’s part was probably the only tolerable part…



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What do you think about Chopra being in a Disney movie?

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