The POWER RANGERS (2017) Teaser Trailer Introduces Rebooted Heroes For A New Generation

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The teaser trailer for the ‘Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers’ reboot has finally arrived. After over 2 years of waiting we no longer have to wait to see how our childhood is rebooted.

Check out the trailer below and read on to find out why we should look forward to the new ‘Power Rangers’ movie.

This teaser trailer for the new movie, simply titled ‘Power Rangers’, features what looks like a great brand new take on the original premise. While the movie definitely updates of the visual effects and sequences of events, a lot is still retained to keep the spirit of the original. The teaser kicks off with a group of dysfunctional teenagers in detention in a high school. The beginning of the teaser is almost reminiscent of ‘The Breakfast Club’. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Seemingly becoming friends during detention, only three of the main cast of five kids are focused on in the Teaser. One assume that the reasons for the Rangers uniting as a team will be varied, instead of all five just being friends, as the original series depicted. Something I mentioned in a feature I wrote 2 years ago, when news of the reboot was announced. You can read that article here.

The new ‘Power Rangers’ movie has to strip down the typical teenage archetypes such as the hyper aware-ness and overt sexuality exhibited by supposed teens that are currently plaguing films & Television in examples like ‘The Vampire Dairies’. 

5 Ways To Recreate The Power Rangers For A New Generation

The three are Jason the Red Ranger, (Dacre Montgomery) Billy the Blue Ranger, (RJ Cyler) and Kimberly the Pink Ranger (Naomi Scott) and we get to see their own individual conflicts before uniting them as a team who happen to stumble upon their powers. Trini (Becky G.) a.k.a. the Yellow Ranger is shown very little, mostly as a rebellious outsider. We also get a very fleeing glimpse of Zack the Black Ranger, (Ludi Lin) mostly by himself. The rest of the teaser follows a very fun but now almost formulaic ‘Chronicle’-like approach of the kids discovering their powers and testing them out by pushing themselves to the limit.
As a teaser, the new ‘Power Rangers’ movie looks great. The makers are smart to focus on the fun and exciting elements of the movie as the first introductory look to audiences. The reveal of the superhero suits are left for the last frame leaving everyone in excited anticipation for the full trailer. As teasers go, there is no story, no frame work of what the movie is about, but more of a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am of out of context scenes and images. And for that, it still works pretty well.
The POWER RANGERS (2017) Teaser Trailer Introduces Rebooted Heroes For A New Generation


We do get a reveal of Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, and her voice work is the least impressive of the teaser, coming off very over the top and cheesy. While it was only one line, Banks herself is an amazing actress worthy of the benefit of the doubt until a full trailer, or the movie itself is released. Veteran of the franchise, having done voice work for the original series, Bryan Cranston has been cast as the Ranger’s leader and mentor Zordon, however there’s no appearance of him in the Teaser. Same can be said of the Rangers’ comic relief sidekick Alpha 5, voiced by Bill Hader.
‘Power Rangers’ was an influential and fan favourite series when released in the 90’s. While the teaser may not be an adequate representation of the movie to come, it definitely looks to be on the right track of rebooting that Series, quite possibly as a franchise to mimi the success of the original.

‘Power Rangers’ releases March 24th, 2017.

What did you think of the ‘Power Rangers’ Teaser?

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