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Last year, ‘Penny Dreadful’ debuted and gained a quick cult following as a dark and twisted Showtime series featuring all the supernatural and mythical characters that have been milked to death in pop culture, but this time in an almost Shakespearen world. The show has been praised for adapting the classic literary characters as much as possible to their original counterparts.  The Season 2 of the show Trailer is out and it creeps, as much as it excites.

While Season 1 introduced us to all the variety of characters from previously established mythos such as Harry Treadaway’s Dr. Frankenstein and Reeve Carney’s Dorian Gray, they also gave us other supernatural creatures in new characters like Josh Hartnett’s gunslinger and Eva Green’s mysterious psychic. Season 2 seems to introduce more oddball characters that I’m sure will be connected to some sort of pre-existing lore.

The more recognizable scenes of the Trailer seem to feature the after math of events left hanging in the Season 1 finale, such as Brona’s return and the consequences of Ethan’s actions, while others are brand new scenes with out any context as of yet. The end of the Trailer is most effective as it implies the coming of a new threat, a new villain, seemingly played by Helen McCreary who was the psychic Madame Kali in Season 1.

What stands out the most from this Trailer, amongst the familiar blood, darkness and gothic images, are the scenes featuring a bright field with Wolves, either running free or being hunted by someone on horseback. The brightness of those scenes really seem to clash with the otherwise dark and muted tone of the show from Season 1. Season 2 of Penny Dreadful premieres May 10th on Showtime.

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