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With ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ in theatres, I figured it’d be fun to check out its predecessor. The original ‘Pitch Perfect’ takes the unusual concept of Acapella singing, as in making music only with your vocals and no instruments, and somehow makes it a little cool.  Anna Kendrick is a darling in almost everything she is in, so read on for my full Spoiler-free Movie Review of ‘Pitch Perfect’.


'Pitch Perfect' Movie Review by Shah Shahid On Blank Page Beatdown

'Pitch Perfect' Movie Review by Shah Shahid On Blank Page Beatdown

In a world today there talent shows rule reality TV and spectacles are seen everyday, and true talent is actually up for debate, ‘Pitch Perfect’ is about a very niche musical concept that brings together a group of girls with variying personalities and backgrounds, and forces them to become part of a unified team, making their lives that much better for it. It’s a concept that is so utterly silly and ridiculous, that the movie has to almost call attention to it though other characters and basiaclly has fun with itself. That… sounded dirty. 

Anna Kendrick plays Beca, a rebellious wanna-be music producer who tries to adjust to college life, when she comes across a group of girls who are very much into competitive Acapella singing. Apparently the college is known for this event and through a deal with her father, of participating in an extracurricular activity in exchange for help with her music career, she joins this group and ends up becoming way too emotionally invested, as acquaintances become friends and it takes over her life in the best possible way. It’s not a brand new formula, but executed honestly enough. 

'Pitch Perfect' Movie Review by Shah Shahid On Blank Page Beatdown

‘Pitch Perfect’ has very few moments of acting. The entire cast has to be applauded for the fact that everyone turns in honest performances that feel real and with the exception of Aubrey played by Anna Camp, every character has a purpose and feel like they’re just in it, not acting in it. The obligatory love story angle isn’t contrived or forced. The comic relief provided by Rebel Wilson is pretty on point, and the girl is actually funny without overdoing it. Except for one vomit scene, the rest of the film is a classy kind of comedy and not typically third rate humour which makes me avoid most comedy films in general. 

‘Pitch Perfect’ is a half decent movie, especially if an all girl romp and slightly more mature version of a typical high school cheerleading film is your kind of jam. 

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