Movie Review: THE MATADOR (2005)

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Over the last few years, I’ve become a fan of the weird sub genre of black humor or dark comedy films that have become all the rage. My love affair with these sorts of movies however, started with THE MATADOR.

Rating: 3 Out Of 5

What happens when a mild mannered suburban loser meets an oddball veteran professional assassin? The best friendship either of them could ask for, that’s what. Greg Kinnear’s Danny runs into Pierce Brosnan’s Julian at a hotel bar and thus begins their awesome and weird friendship.

THE MATADOR is about Julian who has no friends to speak of, and lives the typical assassin lifestyle of going city to city all over the world killing people. He longs for friendship and human contact, beyond the hookers he spends majority of his time with. Enter Danny whose perfect suburban Pleasantville life appeals to Julian and the two hit it off.

Despite being a kind of buddy comedy, THE MATADOR is all Pierce Brosnan’s baby. His off the wall, weird-ass performance is what rocks in this movie. After doing the smooth and charming roles we’re all used to, Brosnan gives a neurotic, crass and vulgar bit this time around and it works perfectly. Julian’s antics are to behold, especially when coupled with Kinnear’s timid and docile portrayal of Danny.

The two play quite well off of each other and it’s an awesome ‘odd couple’ story. THE MATADOR is a short movie, but it’s effective in what it tries to accomplish. The pacing isn’t rushed or too slow. It’s written very well by Director Richard Shepard.

just a taste of the weird-ness he exhibits in this movie..

THE MATADOR is a simple yet brilliant movie about the simplicities of life, and how even the most normal of lives need some adventure, while the most exciting and thrilling lifestyles need the mundane and boring. It’s a great play on the typical stereotypes with Brosnan putting in, what I think it his best performance to date. THE MATADOR is a small and very amazing film that focuses on the small things in life… in a large way.

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