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So there’s been this trend of awesome action entertainers lately in Bollywood. Basically movies with amazing action sequences, coupled with the masala songs and dances, a decent enough story… and you’ve got a commercial Bollywood blockbuster, which at times also happens to be a remake from the South Indian Industry. SINGHAM is such a movie… and an awesome one at that.

Rating: 1 Out Of 5 Stars

decent action flick… nothing more…

So in this one you’ve got a badass cop with no concept of compromise who gets transferred from town to town due to his badassery rubbing the corrupt powers that be the wrong way. Add in a corrupt political thug who’s previously defamed an honest cop causing him to commit suicide. Then sprinkle in a grieving widow seeking justice for the memory of her wrongfully accused cop husband, effective in evoking equal parts of sympathy and rage… and voila. SINGHAM!!!

he does a lot of this in the movie… and beating people…

Ajay Devgan plays the titular Singham, who’s a small town cop who gets pushed around in the cities. He’s a hotheaded violent man who’s passionate about justice and truth and all that good stuff. But he gets cornered by the aforementioned political thug in one situation, and gets posted to the same precinct as the wrongfully accused honest cop… and takes it upon himself to take care of the thug and bring justice to the honest cop and his wife.

she does make me wanna feel bad for her…

SINGHAM is just an action packed fluff movie. It’s got an awesome ass fight scene every 17 minutes, with some distracting love songs and light humor but mostly awesome-ness in its dram-action routines.

Ajay Devgan beefed up massively for this role and spends almost every second showing it off, while he beats down thugs and gangsters. This adds to the effect of his badass moustache even more. The best part of the movie has to be the villain played by the always-amazing Prakash Raj. His deliveries and lines have to be the best in the movie. His on screen attempts of being intimidating with a mixture of pathetic humour, makes him a villain to be wary of. He usually plays characters like these… scary villains with inferiority complexes trying to overcompensate. Which makes it that much more awesome to see him get his ass kicked, because he gets even funnier in those situations.

hilariously pathetic… and evil!

SINGHAM isn’t genius. It’s an action packed adventure ride, which is exploding with testosterone, and it’s meant to be so. Nowhere does director Rohit Shetty try to be anything other than what the movie is. It doesn’t play up the overly emotional parts or even add an epic love story or anything like that. It’s got some distracting comedy and songs, but SINGHAM is an out and out action flick… and unapologetically so.

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mightimo20 · November 21, 2012 at 11:54 PM

this looks like my kind of movie 🙂

    Shah Shahid · November 22, 2012 at 9:54 AM

    I like how you think.

    Thanks for the comment.

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