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I love Quentin Tarantino films. I like them for all the pomp and novelty that they feature. I believe his only non-gimmicky, or a film based on practical real world situations was when he wrote TRUE ROMANCE. The rest were set-ups or gimmicks of extenuating circumstances with a brilliant screenplay, awesome performances and innovative filmmaking. INGLORIOUS BASTERDS is no exception.

Rating: 3 Out Of 5 Stars

Historical Warning:

Do not expect any sort of historical accuracy, or accuracy of any kind in this film, as that will only serve to disappoint. This is a work of complete awesome-ness based on an innovative concept of world war revenge. That is all.

INGLORIOUS BASTERDS is set during World War II, about a group of American soldiers, whose only mission is to hunt, kill and put fear in the hearts of the Nazi regime all over the world. They do so, by torturing, murdering and humiliating any and every Nazi they can find. It’s a psychological game aimed at demoralizing their troops. It’s awesome.

Brad Pitt plays Lt. Aldo Raine, the commander of this American unit and boy is he amazing. Sporting an ‘Americana’ styled Moustache, Raines troops do not follow the rules of war, as they ravage the Nazi Germans leaving a trail of death and scalpless Nazis in their wake.

INGLORIOUS BASTERDS isn’t all about Pitt and his crew though, there’s many sub plots and other things happening in the movie, all of which culminate in the end. It’s a great form of typical storytelling used successfully by Tarantino.

The Director Of Inglorious Basterds

And speaking of the Director, his genius besides directing is on full display here as well, with the dialogues uttered by every single person, becoming instant one liners repeated by any and all. The conversations and interactions between the characters in the film are so amazing that one is rapt in suspense as to where the scene is going. Tarantino employs a tactic of having the most inane conversation happening on screen, prior to a most violent and devastating action sequence. It’s enough to engage any viewer with anxious anticipation of what’s going to happen next.

Visually, INGLORIOUS BASTERDS is an amazing treat of blood, guts, gunfire and beat downs. The cast is another amazing treat, boasting of the likes of Michael Fassbender, (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS) Eli Roth (Director of HOSTEL), Mike Myers (briefly), B. J. Novak (THE OFFICE) and the breakout sensational bad guy of the movie… Christopher Waltz!

ah the awesome… hiding behind such restraint

Waltz is one of the most charming and engaging ‘bad guys’ in probably the history of cinema. His charm and wit and double meaning comments that cut the scene like a hot knife through butter… are amazing. As the ‘Jew Hunter’ from the Nazi regime, he is the opener of the movie, as his cold and sterile manner of dispensing lines with murderous motives with a smile on his face completely set the tone for the brutality of the rest of the movie.

INGLORIOUS BASTERDS is an awesome journey of superb action, amazing performances and a lot of talk that never drags. Tarantino is able to blend all elements into a masterful movie that defies historical accuracy… and does so with balls!

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