Keiynan Lonsdale’s First Look As Kid Flash On The CW’s THE FLASH

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‘The Flash’ remains one of the best comic book adaptations on Television right now. Currently awaiting its Season 3 premiere, the show just released a first look at what to expect from the upcoming season in Fall 2016.

Keiynan Lonsdale’s Kid Flash costume for Season 3 of ‘The Flash’ revealed!

Introduced in Season 2, Keiynan Lonsdale’s character of Wally West plays the estranged son of Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and brother to Iris West (Candace Patton). The character had a great arc in Season 2 as he gets to know his own family, on the heels of the death of his mother, while slowly being integrated into the regular cast of ‘The Flash’ TV series.

The character of Wally West is one from DC Comics who has been the titular character of The Flash, for almost 20 years, until Barry Allen returned to reclaim the mantle. While the traditional Wally was always shown as the nephew of Iris, the TV show adheres to mostly the New 52 comics’ depiction of the character. Wally West currently is also the highlight of DC’s Comics new line of Rebirth comics.

As I tout in my Review of Season 2 of ‘The Flash’, Wally’s (eventual) evolution into the famous comic character has been happening very subtly and naturally. The character was given a chance to adapt to life on the cast, create relationships with the character organically as part of the story, rather then being shoehorned in just to be able to get into the iconic costume as soon as possible.

‘The Flash’ held back enough, to let Wally  first create an identity of his own within the framework of the story being told…

— Review of ‘The Flash’ Season 2

Wally spent Season 2 being a wayward teen, to being saved by the Flash, only to have a renewed sense of heroism and morality. After discovering Barry’s secret, he officially becomes a part of Team Flash. During Episode 20 of Season 2, (‘Rupture’) an attempt to give Barry back his speed powers which he lost earlier, results in a chemically enhanced wave hitting both Wally and Jesse and incapacitating them both.

Keiynan Lonsdale Revealed As Kid Flash On The CW's 'The Flash'.

Image Source: The CW

Given that the wave was made of chemicals designed to give Barry back his speed, it’s safe to assume that Wally’s interaction with it will imbibe him with those powers and possibly allow him to tap into the Speed Force and becoming a Speedster himself.

It still remains to  be seen if the Earth-2 character of Jesse Wells, (Violet Beane) known in the comics as another speedster, Jesse Quick, will also become a speedster in Season 3 of ‘The Flash’.

Unlike other CW shows (see my ‘Arrow’ Season 4 Review) ‘The Flash’ writers really took their time establishing Wally as a character of his own, before making him Kid Flash. The costume looks amazing, rivaling that of Barry’s design, while still retaining many of the comic book elements. This further excites me for what more there is to come.

The Flash’ Season 3 premieres in Fall 2016.

What do you think about Keiynan Lonsdale’s look as Kid Flash?

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