Movie Review: THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU (2011) – A Genre Bending Sci-Fi Romance

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It’s been a while since I saw an original Sci-Fi Thriller that wasn’t a comic book movie or remake. THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU is the best blend of a romantic Sci-Fi Thriller that I’ve seen in a long time.

THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU is about a man running for congress, who’s ambitious and charming, and on his charm alone he rises to power. However a chance encounter turns his life upside down. He stumbles upon mysterious people who are doing weird things to his life.


3 Out Of 5 Stars

Matt Damon plays David Norris, who discovers that the universe full of invisible officers who help keep God’s plan for humanity, what people call destiny and fate, on track. These invisible people with Fedora’s go around ‘adjusting’ peoples’ lives, calculating EVERY variable in the world to ensure that certain people do what they’re supposed to do to ensure a certain thing happens that was meant to happen for the plans of the entire world to come together.

However, these people, or Adjusters as I affectionately call them, have plans for Damon’s character, which involve him NEVER being with the woman he loves, Emily Blunt’s Elise. Despite trying to keep them apart, David and Elyse keep running into each other and he says fuck all to them and maintains the relationship with her. However, Fate has other plans, literally.

THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU is great, because it doesn’t try to define its details. The mysterious officers aren’t Angels and the ‘man with the plan’ doesn’t even get named AS God. It’s all implied, which adds to the ingenuity of the story. The writing is excellent as the rules are explained from the get-go. The supporting cast is awesome.

awesome premise!

Damon does a great job as a man struggling with what Fate has decided for him, and his own happiness at the expense of his lifelong career. Emily Blunt doesn’t do much, but is very refreshing and cute as a carefree spirit that provides the harmony that Damon’s character needs in his life. I think this girl is just the bees’ knees!

she’s so cute… *giggle*

It’s a love story. Plain and simple. It’s a love story that quite literally goes against the Fates and Destiny’s plan for them. ADJUSTMENT BUREAU literally takes a couple that has problems and makes ‘Destiny’ itself as the antagonist in the story. Their hook up will cause massive ramifications for the world, which is why the Adjusters try to keep them apart.

love story meets sci fi…

It’s a great love story, with sci-fi elements set against a Thriller background. It works. Superbly.

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