HELIX (2015) – S02E05: ‘Oubliette’ Review

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Helix is becoming one of the most predictable shows on television right now. Despite various theories of mine proving right in the 5th episode of its second Season, I can’t derive any pleasure from it, given how on the nose the show been thus far, making any predictions, pretty obvious, thereby undermining their reveal. The episode titled ‘Oubliette’ does bring some things to a head, but in soap opera style dramatic moments.

The episode starts with a flashback, showing just how Matt Long’s Kyle, the young pretty boy of this season, is actually a plant by the authorities to capture Alan Farragut, as I predicted. Although, it makes absolutely no sense why he was stationed with Peter’s CDC Team, given that they were in no way looking for Alan. He just happened to be on the crazy island that they also happened upon. So Kyle was just supposed to be a part of Peter’s team, gallivanting around the world fighting disease until he accidentally happened upon Alan?! Awesome plan… even though, it worked out nicely. *ahem.

Kyle’s adventures this episode also includes getting chased down by a group of infected people, suspected from outside the complex. The infected seems to lure Kyle in by having one of them pretend to be injured. It’s another similarity to the infected of last season, showing intellect and reason which has always made me wonder how mindlessly ravenous these infected really are. Setting traps indicates intelligence, reasoning and a conscious-ness that goes beyond just aimless disease ridden bodies. It wasn’t explored much last season, but I’m hoping there’s going to be more to it now, but I predict I’ll be disappointed yet again.

Kyra Zagorsky as Julia & Caleb in Helix Season 2

Caleb & Julia in the cave…

Julia in the future is found by Caleb, who takes her back to a cave and treats her, as they bond over, what feels like, pointless conversation. They talk about the virus affecting the immortals, Caleb’s absentee father, and his mother bringing him to the island to protect him from the Narvik outbreak 30 years ago. None of which seems relevant. Caleb does end up running away with the sword Hatake gave her, implying, as before, some sort of significance of the sword in the grander scheme of things. I’m starting to care less an less about Julia’s sub plot, except for the cool visual time lapse transitions back and forth between 30 years, her story’s not wielding any results or drumming up any interest whatsoever.

After last episode’s stabbing, Sarah is rescued and treated by Agnes, the eldest of the 3 women on Michael’s council. Due to her immortality, Sarah heals fast, something that perplexes Agnes, leading her to a startling discovery. Michael on the other hand, after discovering the infected honey, scolds Anne & Amy, demanding they fix the situation. The honey is removed, but not before Amy, the youngest of the 3 women, keeps a jar, claiming it’s her ticket off the Island. Amy is a creep. She’s always making moves on Kyle, while trading hand job deals with Landry and working her own angle. If she wants to get of the island, you’d think she’d help the CDC Team, given that they’re her best way out.

Billy Campbell as Alan & Neil Napier as Peter in Season 2 Of Helix on SyFy

brothers bonding…

Peter rats out Alan to Michael, only to be put in a pit along with Alan by Michael, in order to hash out their issues. The best scene of the episode is the two brothers finally airing out their dirty laundry and beating the crap out of each other. It’s again, cheesy, predictable and very immature, but there’s some basic enjoyment that can be derived from the ‘your wife’ comments between the two. Later on, they end up working together to escape, only for Alan to leave Peter in the pit, citing the various time he’s gotten in shit for him. Coming back to the lab, Alan figures out Kyle’s deception and the two tussle, leaving Kyle to handcuff Alan to a post. It’s laughable if it wasn’t such a travesty. I’m starting to get annoyed at the obvious rehashing of some elements from last season and it’s complete lack of logic in some cases, like how this doctor, who was initially assigned to ‘gather Intel’, all of a sudden has handcuffs? What?

When confronted by Agnes regarding Sarah’s immortality, it is finally revealed that Michael is an immortal, who built this society for 500 years, impregnating generation after generation of his own daughter, in order to propagate, at least some of the woman of the compound. So while I thought Helix wouldn’t go so full-fledged creepy, apparently they will and have. Despite being aware of other immortals, Michael lied to everyone at the compound that he was the only one, while still being surprised at the existence of Sarah as an immortal. While Agnes’ confusion wasn’t due to anger, but out of a deep sense of love, not understanding why she couldn’t be made an immortal to stay with Michael forever. After consoling her into a lull, Michael snaps her neck as the episode ends, seemingly to prevent others from discovering his lie, even though Agnes told Amy before she dies.

Agnes in Season 2 of Helix on SyFy

Oh poor Agnes…

Helix is getting damn interesting, as each episode now has like various sub plots threaded through it. While a lot of the plot points are predictable, the hook is still interesting enough to follow through to the end. The show redeems itself with amazing moments like a KC & The Sunshine Band song playing during a violent fight scene, and the concept of a sci-fi zombie show with elements of ‘Lost’ and a sense of wonderment with plot points like immortals and ancient cultures. It’s not by any means a good show, but dammit it’s intriguing.

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