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This week’s episode of GAME OF THRONES picks up immediately after the exciting and (to some) glorious cliffhanger of last week’s episode. The King is Dead. And the this episode deals with the ensuring chaos afterwards, as well as some updates on other characters, and some new and intriguing changes to the status quo in the show.

Last week, I theorized that Sansa Stark was may be one of the people who killed Goffrey. One of the reasons was because she immediately took off after the murder. Apparently, it was actually Lord Baelish, or Littlefinger who ordered the drunken fool to bring Sansa to him for safety, following the King’s murder. A wise decision, given that Cersei started looking for her immediately after having taken Tyrion into custody for being the prime suspect of her son’s murder. Apparently Baelish has been working behind the scenes to protect Sansa, and somehow, knew of the King’s impending murder enough to act upon it so quickly.

Baelish has always been a bit of a grey character. First loyal to the Starks, then to the Lannisters and Cersei, then betraying them, only to be the bad guy and so on. It’s hard to tell with him whose side he’s on. Sansa being in his custody is both a relief and of concern, given that he earlier suggested she marry him. Given that he had a thing for Catelynn Stark, Sansa’s mother, his interest in Sansa is very creepy and worrisome. In the mean time, there’s her husband Tyrion.

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creepy little man…

Being tended to by his loyal sidekick and squire, Podrick, an imprisoned Tyrion is informed of his impending trial and the fact that he basically has no one loyal to him. Podrick himself was threatened to testify against him, and is ordered to leave King’s Landing by Tyrion himself, fearing the young boy’s death. It’s a sweet and emotional scene, as the loyal squire is forced away from his master for his own protection. Tyrion although asks to see his brother Jamie, the only person he can count on. Or can he? An emotionally distraught Cersei demands Jamie kill Tyrion, shocking Jamie. More of Jamie Lannister’s good guy-ism comes through this week, as he seems reluctant to do so. I feel like the asshole from Season 1 wouldn’t have hesitated to avenge his own son’s death. Although the incestuously aggressive love scene that ensures right afterwards with Jamie forcing himself on Cersei in front of the body of their dead son… seems to contradict that feeling of mine.

The father of these awesome people, Tywin Lannister in the meantime, is investigating the death of his grandson. Not before grooming (see: ‘manipulating’) Goffrey’s younger brother on the finer points of being a King of course. I was wrong last week in assuming that Margaery would become full on Queen now, because her marriage with Goffrey wasn’t consummated, so the next King in line automatically becomes Tommen, the younger brother. Although, based on Tywin & Margaery’s grandmother’s words, she still might be in the running for Queen, as Tommen can still be married off to her due to the Lannister’s need for the Tyrell’s wealth.

 Game Of Thrones, Two Swords, Peter Dinklage, Dragons, HBO, Iron Throne, Lena Headey, Episode 3, Season 4, GOT,

And speaking of need, there is a dramatic shift in the status quo of the situation at King’s Landing as Tywin, offers Oberyn a place on the King’s council, in exchange to bring him the murderer of his sister; something that the Prince of Dorne actually blames Tywin for. This is important, because House Dorne is one of the key players in Westeros, and thus far, has hated the Lannisters. Apparently, Dorne was also the only kingdom to have resisted the previous Targeryn king and his Dragons. This is also one of the first times that Tywin fully articulates the threat of Danearys Targaeryn and her 3 dragons coming to Westeros to claim her throne. Oberyn obviously accepts as he is named the last Judge over Tyrion’s trial. I don’t know if Oberyn can actually take Tywin’s denial of involvement in his sister’s murder that quickly. He seems like a vengeful guy and not stupid enough to see that Tywin’s olive branch to him is purely from a tactical standpoint of turning an enemy into an ally. Only time will tell how big a role Oberyn plays in all this, but I have a feeling he’s going to have a big impact this season. All the scenes of him whoring and being aggressively decisive and smart, can’t just be for obligatory ass shots.

While on the other front, the Wildling army marches for The Wall, while the men at Castle Black fortify and prepare their arrival, while having to deal with a rebellious bunch on their own. This storyline is getting a little tiresome, as we saw Season 2 end with a Whitewalker march against The Wall, and since then, the stakes have only been stacked even further… with nothing actually happening. A war has started, ended, and threatens to start again in all of Westeros, with now 2 King’s occupying the Iron Throne, yet nothing of significance has actually happened from The Wall that affects the rest of the kingdom. There better be all out war this Season with some Whitewalkers, Wildlings or something. Stannis Baratheon is also looking for a way to claim his Throne now that he’s aware of Goffrey’s death, but he seems to be more of an idle threat right now than anything else. Until he gets an army at least.

you better do something this time Jon boy

This episode was interesting and exciting as it sets up a lot of anxiously suspenseful things to come. Tyrion’s trial. The Wildlings attack. But most interesting of them all, is that the episode ends with, presumably, Danaerys taking yet another city with her 10,000 army of Unsullied warriors. It’s pretty badass how she motivates the slaves of the city she was wage war on, to turn against their own masters, by catapulting the broken chains of all the other slaves she’s freed as motivation. It’s an ominous turn of events, and I’m damn glad that it’s taken her more than 1 Season to make some significant progress. I realize that Danaearys and her dragons are the wild card of the show, and they wanna milk her impact and presence on the whole of Westeros until the last possible time, but if all she does this Season is also walk… I’m gonna get super pissed.

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