GAME OF THRONES (2014): ‘The Mountain & The Viper’ Review

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Episode 8 of Season 4 of GAME OF THRONES reaffirms what a horrible horrible show this is. I mean horrible in terms of the content, not quality… because quality-wise it’s fucking great! And one of the reasons the show is so great, is because it doesn’t give two shits about any certain character, but more the significance to the story, at the expense of these characters. This happened in last night’s episode, and is probably the most upsetting thing since last season’s ‘Red Wedding’. More on this later.

After a weeklong break that seemed like an eternity to the rest of us, GAME OF THRONES returns with some breathing time before the crazy-ass finale (I assume). Things are quiet, and people are talking most of this episode, but some game changers happen as well. The episode sees Lord Baelish being interrogated by the Council of The Vale, for the murder of Lysa, his wife and Sansa’s aunt from the last episode. While it seems like all is lost, Sansa comes in, and in a brilliant stroke of genius, confesses everything… almost.

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While revealing the truth behind her Stark lineage, Sansa spins a wonderful tale about how her brave Uncle Baelish saved her from her aunt, after which she committed suicide, thus saving Baelish and reclaiming her name in the process. When confronted by Baelish afterwards about what she did, Sansa confidently tells him that she knows what he wants, with a wicked smirk on her face. While Baelish has now become Lord of the Eyrie, he rallies the other houses of the Vale to come under the banner of his stepson, the creepy cousin of Sansa’s, while he grooms him to become King. Obviously Baelish’s real intentions are hidden as always, but what`s interesting is how Sansa accompanies them, in a totally changed avatar, looking all hot and sexy. Has Sansa finally come out of her shell and become the badass I’ve been waiting for? Is she genuinely grateful to Baelish for saving her, or is she just making the best use out of her circumstances and allying herself with the man who can give her anything she wants. Either way, it’s a creepy turn of events to see Sansa conspiring with Baelish… and maybe more in this season of Game Of Thrones? 😐

Outside the Eyrie, The Hound arrives with Arya Stark, ready for his bounty, only to find out that Arya’s aunt is dead. That’s really all we see of them this episode, which is weird, because once again, there are two Starks damn close to each other, and I bet money that they won’t come together. Arya & The Hound are going to turn back around missing Sansa by steps. These teases are getting annoying. Although the interesting bit is that with this change in Sansa at the Eyrie, it’ll be cool to see what happens when Brienn arrives there, as she is on her way there too.

Game Of Thrones, Peter Dinklage, Dragons, HBO, Iron Throne, Lena Headey, Season 4, GOT, Review, Blank Page Beatdown, Shah Shahid

Things are heating up at The Wall, as a village is attacked by the Wildlings, killing everything. When news gets back to the Boys in Black, they fume over not being able to do anything about it, given their orders. While on the other side of the kingdom, Danaerys fumes when she finds out about Jorah’s betrayal. In earlier seasons, Jorah was sent to spy on Danaerys, however, he became loyal to her cause. After finding out about this, Danaerys exiles him forever, kicking him out of her group of people who do nothing all Season long. The de-evolution of Danaerys the Storm-bore continue. Her storyline went from the most interesting, to the most boring. What’s sad, is that her translator / assistant actually now has this amazing sub plot of a budding love story with the leader of her army, Grey Worm. It’s sweet, interesting and completely overwhelms any fuck that I could give about what Danaerys is doing. It’s sad how her significance to the story has one from the most interested to the one with least interest.

And finally, the North has been won. The former land of the Starks, and the largest of the entire Kingdom of Westeros, has been taken by Lord Bolton. The freaky bastard Ramsay Snow took over the last remaining stronghold using Theon to pose as himself. His reward: being finally acknowledged as Bolton’s son and being given his name, high honor for a bastard. This is interesting. As Bolton becomes Warden of The North, and with the White Walkers on the way, I have a feeling that Ramsay and crew are going to be front and center on that side of the war. The Boys in Black being the frontline for the Wildlings, of course.

Game Of Thrones, Peter Dinklage, Dragons, HBO, Iron Throne, Lena Headey, Season 4, GOT, Review, Blank Page Beatdown, Shah Shahid

And the finale is what we’ve all been waiting for. The fight between Obaryn and The Mountain, in order to decide Tyrion’s fate. While Obaryn has more of an axe to grind with Clegane, he starts the battle on top, twirling and prancing into the hearts of the crowd. It’s one of the better fight scenes seen on THE GAME OF THRONES thus far, as it’s entertaining as it was badass. When it seemed like Obaryn finally gets the upper hand, finally getting vengeance for the death of his sister, The Mountain comes back on top and kills Obaryn in the most brutal and graphic manner ever seen. It’s heart breaking to see Tyrion’s hopes and dreams of freedom be crushed along with Obaryn’s skull. Literally. The episode ends as judgment of Tyrion’s death is announced.

GAME OF THRONES Season 4 is coming to an end, and I can’t, for the love of me, see an end in sight. Tyrion dying is almost expected now given the shows infamous trend of  killing everyone. So his survival now may seem like the twist that no one expects. Although, never has a character been so loved since Ned Stark that his death may definitely solidify the murderous rampage of creator George R. R. Martin! I hate you by the way George. I had high hopes for Obaryn becoming a badass this Season. He shall be missed. On the upside, it was hilarious to see the utter glee on Jamie’s face as Obaryn was winning. He was almost childlike with excitement as the prospect of his brother not dying. Speaking of Jamie, it seems I was wrong about his turn as hero as well in this season of Game Of Thrones, given he’s been barely in the show in the last 2 episodes. There’s only two more episodes left, so here’s hoping Jamie turns it up and notch and takes on the world by saving his bro from execution!

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Obaryn. We will miss you.

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