FRINGE Plothole…? Or my lack of attention…?

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FRINGE is awesome. Let’s get that out of the way right now. It’s probably one of the best TV shows on air right now. It’s brought Sci-Fi shows into the mainstream without being only for a niche audience like majority of Sci-Fi genres. The creative team has made it a point for the show to be accessible to new audiences through the use of episodic storylines and exposition in the dialogue that catches new watchers up on all relevant info for that particular episode.

With 3 Seasons gone, in a few hours we’ll see the Premier of Season 4. However I’ve got some questions which may/may not have been answered already. But ones that have been bugging me for a while.

Observations (no pun intended):

In the Season 2 episode “Peter“, we see our Walter spying on Walternate after his own son dies, hoping he’ll find a cure. However, Walternate is interrupted by an Observer and fails to see the cure which would’ve saved his son.

Walter, watching Walternate be interrupted by the Observer September…

This forces our Walter to cross Universes to save other-Peter. Starting a chain reaction of events that lead to both Universes being in jeapardy because of soft spots and tears in reality caused by Walter crossing over. Basically the entire premise of the show.

aannndd… reality is fucked!

The Observers have always maintained that Peter is important. So important that that Observer known as September, told the others that he was only there to witness Walternate find cure for Peter because it was significant. And that his interruption of Walternate was a mistake.

But his fuck up is what forces Walter to cross Universes, fucking up both realities in the long run.

So, if the Observer September didn’t fuck up, then Walternate would’ve found the cure, and saved his son, who would go on to live a normal life. Which means Walter would NOT have had to cross realities to save him.

Which also means that there would be no tears or threat to either Universes.

So questions:

✓      If the Observers know everything…(more or less) why did they not see how that one September’s intrusion would fuck things up that bad?

✓      The Observers only show up when bad things happen. So did September  show up in Walternate’s lab because he KNEW that his interruption would kick start all of the shit that happens in the Series?

✓      Why was Peter important enough that Sepember had to witness the discovery of his cure, the successful use of which would mean there would be no rifts in reality for Peter to fix in the future in the first place using the First People’s machine?

✓      What exchange did Walternate and September have that seemed so casual that he went right back to testing for cures after catching a wierd bald guy in a Fedora in his lab so late at night?

This is all based on my recollection of all 3 Seasons that I recently went through at a marathon pace.

Hopefully all these questions and more will be answered in Season 4. If I’ve glossed over or outright forgot anything in my thought process… feel free to bitch slap me straight in the comments below.

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