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So it’s that time of year again when the summer winds down and kids go back to school, parents rejoice, and geeks get geeky all over the… province of Ontario, Canada. Sure San Diego Comic Con is the biggest in the world, but almost the biggest Con for Canada has to be Fan Expo. I popped my own cherry (pun not intended) this year by attending Fan Expo as a objective viewer, and not at all giggly Fan boy ooh’ing and aah’ing at everything I saw. Not at all. As usual, the best thing about any Comic Convention it’s it’s amazing and brave participants that suffer through ridicule and, what I can only assume, is countless hours and hours of preparation, to transform into their favourite character.

Here are some of the best Cosplayers that I saw today from Fan Expo 2014!


Batman, Joker & Catwoman at Fan Expo 2014

batman here is actually like 8 feet tall… the smile ruins it…

Batman Bayond at Fan Expo 2014

this guy’s batman logo on chest lit up!

Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as Fan Expo 2014

let’s shred it!

Lego Movie at Fan Expo 2014

let’s do some business…

Spiderman kicking Batman at Fan Expo 2014

see Spiderman kicking down Batman Lego…

Batman Lego at Fan Expo 2014

see batman lego…

Adventure Time at Fan Expo 2014

it’s adventure time!

Red Son & Supergirl at Fan Expo 2014

Superman Red Son along with alternate Supergirl…

Steam Punk Spiderman at Fan Expo 2014

this steampunk Spiderman was pretty rad…

Fan Expo 2014

bird’s eye view 1

Fan Expo 2014

numero dos

Batman at Fan Expo 2014

he’s just checkin his Facebook likes…

Green Arrow & Black Canary at Fan Expo 2014

they’re coupling the right way…

Spiderman at Fan Expo 2014

Spidey drops his phone…

Goku from Dragonball Z at Fan Expo 2014

almost ruined my camera…

Fan Expo 2014

no idea wtf this was…

Zombie at Fan Expo 2014

best zombie ever…

Ryan Gosling from Drive at Fan Expo 2014

yep… Ryan Gosling was there too…

Loki from Thor at Fan Expo 2014

Loki’s a pretty cool guy once he gets his Starbucks…

Princess Leia from Star Wars at Fan Expo 2014

best. leia. ever!

Spider-Men at Fan Expo 2014

they seem to be surprisingly working together…

R2D2 from Star Wars at Fan Expo 2014

Almost stepped on this little guy…

Star Troopers at Fan Expo 2014

one of these actually told me to ‘move’ in the voice…

Star-Lord of Guardians Of The Galaxy at Fan Expo 2014

Star-Lord greeting us at entrance of Fan Expo 2014

Groot from Guardians of The Galaxy at Fan Expo 2014

Groot has a wardrobe malfunction…

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers at Fan Expo 2014

Go Go!

Peel Region Police Officer at Fan Expo 2014

actual Peel Region Police Officer present on behalf of his precinct for charity!

White Power Ranger at Fan Expo 2014

Power Rangers need down time too!

Danaerys Targaereon from Game Of Thrones at Fan Expo 2014

the mother of Dragon’s lost her kids…

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Nostra · November 12, 2014 at 6:16 AM

Some amazing costumes. Reason enough to visit one of these events I guess….

    Shah Shahid · November 12, 2014 at 11:37 AM

    It is. Plus if you want to stand in line and get paid autographs of your fav stars/ comic book creators / celebs. Thats an attraction for some too.

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