DRISHYAM (2015) Trailer: Ajay Devgn Returns To Acting Roots

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After following trends and being part of a string of popular action movies, Ajay Devgn seeks to return to the dramatic film roots from which he stems, with the new trailer of ‘Drishyam’. The full trailer of the film below, offers a look into the taut suspense thriller, which relies more on Devgn’s acting abilities than the flexing of his physical muscles. Read on to see how ‘Drishyam’ may be a game changer for the talented actor.

Drishyam: Ajay Devgan Returns To Acting Roots by Shah Shahid on Blank Page Beatdown

‘Drishyam’ looks to be a dramatic thriller featuring Ajay Devgn as a middle class family man, (the trailer makes this point painfully obvious) who has to go to extreme lengths to protect his family. The story centers around the disappearance of the son of a highly ranking police officer, with the prime suspects being Devgn’s family. The mysterious involvement of this simple nuclear family in the disappearance of this teen, sets off a cat and mouse game between them and the authorities, with everyone searching for the truth.

‘Drishyam’ stars Ajay Devgn in the lead role, playing a character who’s more toned down than his previously recent larger than life characters as seen in ‘Action Jackson’. Tabu dominates the trailer and almost comes across as an antagonist in the film. Most recently seen in ‘Haider’, the veteran actress plays a more physically intimidating role of a Police Officer in search for her missing son. The cast is rounded out, Shriya Saran (‘Zilla Ghaziabad’) playing Devgn’s wife and Rajat Kapoor (‘Ankhon Dekhi’).

Drishyam: Ajay Devgan Returns To Acting Roots by Shah Shahid on Blank Page Beatdown

A remake of a 2013 Malayalam, film of the same name, the most commercially successful Malayalam film of the time, ‘Drishyam’ is actually the 4th remake of the story, this time being remade into Hindi for the Bollywood industry. The previous remakes of the original Malayalam film featured Kannada and Telugu remakes, with variations of the same name. A Tamil remake is also in the works with the legendary Kamal Haasan playing the same role as Ajay Devgn in the Hindi remake. The Hindi ‘Drishyam‘ is directed by South Director Nishikant Kamat, who previously directed the John Abraham starrer, ‘Force’. While the movie didn’t turn heads, it was an enjoyable action movie, with unique twist and turns. Kamat’s treatment of ‘Drishyam’ should be interesting as the film seems more of a dramatic thriller than action film.

‘Drishyam’ releases Julys 31st, 2015. 

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