Don’t Toy With Me: TOY STORY 4 Announced!

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Toy Story is one of those film franchises that truly grew with its initial audience, and with its 3 film legacy, told stories told were appealing to new audiences as well as the ones who matured through the years in between each film. So it’s exciting to hear that there will most definitely be a ‘Toy Story 4’ to be released in 2017, directed by the man himself, John Lasseter!

But with great excitement, comes trepidation. Almost everyone, including myself feel that ‘Toy Story 3’ was the perfect end to a franchise, which started off with the story of a boy and grew to complete the tale as the boy matured into adult-hood, reflecting the journey that most of its audience took as well. Taking the concept of talking toys and likening the friendships, joy, imagination and innocence to being the foundations of one’s childhood was the most innovative concept behind the revolutionary ‘Toy Story’, and the sequels held onto that spirit as well.

What was thought to be the most fulfilling ending for the franchise and the story of  Andy, Buzz, Woody and the others at the end of ‘Toy Story 3’, will the 4th installment sully that legacy or be able to improve upon it with yet another chapter? According to Lasseter himself, who is responsible for some of Disney-Pixar’s biggest films, it might be a story worth telling. Conceived by heavyweights like Andrew Stanton, (‘John Carter’, ‘Finding Nemo) Pete Docter, (‘Up’, and the upcoming ‘Inside Out’) and Lee Unkrich (‘Toy Story 3’) I personally feel that ‘Toy Story 4’ is in good hands.

Toy Story 4 directed by John Lasseter from Disney Pixar set to be released in 2017.

The hesitation by most fans to accept the possibility of a ‘Toy Story 4’ are of course, not without reason; especially given that most continuations of sequels seem like cheap cash grabs efforts or just running out of ideas, than any genuine interest to continue the story of characters we all know and love. But it’s a little silly to think that Disney-Pixar actually need to revitalize well ended franchises to make more money, given the success being enjoyed by their original properties such as last year’s ‘Frozen’, and with even more original films coming out such as ‘Big Hero 6’ and their next ‘Inside Out’. So as long as the story doesn’t feature a married Andy taking Buzz & Woody back from Bonnie to give to his kids… I’m good.

‘Toy Story 4’ is set to be released in 2017 directed by John Lasseter. No confirmation on if the voice cast of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack or the other actors of the huge ensemble will be returning or not.

Source: EW

‘Inside Out’ is set to be released June 2015, directed by Peter Docter‘Big Hero 6’ is out today, November 7th, 2014, directed by Don Hall & Chris Williams.

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