DILWALE (2015) Trailer Rehashes Nostalgic SRK-Kajol Moments & Everything Else!

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Two of Shahrukh Khan’s films have gotten trailers in the last few months. The Teasers for both Raees and Fan have created a lot of buzz, however, both movies release next year in 2016. Khan’s release this year, ‘Dilwale’, finally gets a Trailer, just a month before its release. Most likely intentionally to keep the hype machine chugging along all the way until the film releases.

So take a look at the jumbled trailer for ‘Dilwale’ below, and be sure to let me know which mish mash of movies it reminds you of.

It seems to be the year for Bollywood movies that feel like other movies. ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ looks like every other Barjatya movie. ‘Tamasha’ also looks like other films of Ranbir Kapoor’s. And now, ‘Dilwale’ looks to be a greatest hit compilation of the best moments of Shahrukh Khan and Kajol’s on-screen chemistry with one another.

The trailer for ‘Dilwale’ looks like a typical action blockbuster sprinkled with dramatic one liners, moments exploiting the previous on-screen chemistry of a pair of Bollywood actors, and a butt load of gravity defying action sequences which have become the trademark for director Rohit Shetty. (Chennai Express’)

DILWALE (2015) Trailer Rehashes Nostalgic SRK-Kajol Moments & Everything Else!

my reaction during the trailer…

Not much of the story is revealed, but seems like Varun Dhawan (‘Badlapur’) and Shahrukh Khan’s characters are either brothers, or Dhawan’s characters sees Khan’s as one. There seems to be some past history between Khan and Kajol’s characters, as evident by scenes that look like flashbacks given the different facial hair looks sported by Shahrukh Khan in the movie. I guess clean shaven messy hair look is meant to imply a younger Khan, (feel free to LOL) while the bearded slick haired look is meant to be a more current and older Khan. Such drastic lengths these actors go to for a movie role!

So the 15 year old turmoil between Khan and Kajol somehow seem to affect present day lovers Dhawan and Kirti Sanon, (‘Heropanti’) who may be Kajol’s sister in the movie. Khan then goes on a gun play shooting rampage for some reason and the trailer devolves into a bloated collage of action sequences.

So instead of trying to unpack this trailer with a straight face, let’s just talk about the stuff in ‘Dilwale‘ that’s been lifted straight from other movies.

Same To Same Action

Loving this part of the trailer that completely rips off the same sequence from ‘Mission Impossible 2’

DILWALE (2015) Trailer Rehashes Nostalgic SRK-Kajol Moments & Everything Else!

Speaking of the popular Tom Cruise franchise, this looks pretty damn familiar as well.

DILWALE (2015) Trailer Rehashes Nostalgic SRK-Kajol Moments & Everything Else!

Poor Varun

As happens with every leading man that co-stars in a movie with Shahrukh Khan, (Arjun Rampal, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan) I expect Varun Dhawan’s significance in the story to be marginalized by the presence of ‘the king’. (The quotation marks imply sarcasm.) It’s a double edged sword though. While Dhawan is far too capable an actor to play second fiddle to Shahrukh Khan, starring in a movie with the Khan symbolizes his arrival in the mainstream Bollywood industry. And that’s good for the young actor’s career. So… conflicted.

DILWALE (2015) Trailer Rehashes Nostalgic SRK-Kajol Moments & Everything Else!

poor kid, they’ve just got him imitating SRK now…and he looks miserable doing it!

Dilwale‘ is essentially Khan’s last money grab before attempting something (hopefully) a bit more different with his two releases next year. The movie looks like a PR firm’s greatest wet dream: a little bit of everything copy-pasted together as a spectacular collage crammed full of visuals pandering to every possible audience to maximize the butts they can put in theater seats.

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