DEADPOOL (2016) Red Band Trailer Mocks Ryan Reynolds’ Superhero Past

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After multiple false starts and, what’s considered to be a disastrous on-screen debut, one of the most popular characters within the Marvel Comics Universe, finally gets a Trailer for his own feature film. ‘Deadpool‘ marks the 8th film in 20th Century Fox’s ‘X-Men’ film franchise, which is now looking to create its own Cinematic Universe a la Marvel. With that in mind, the movie has already been confirmed by Producer Simon Kinberg, to be existing in the ‘X-Men‘ Universe, but the details of how, remain to be seen. Debuting at the San Deigo Comic Con last July, the ‘Deadpool‘ trailer was reported as having ‘won’ Comic Con, due to it’s apparent brilliance. The trailer has now been officially released by the studio for public adoration and awe. See below for the first full trailer of ‘Deadpool‘.

**Note: The below Trailer is Not Safe For Work as it’s a Red Band Trailer. The PG Rated Trailer can be found here.** 

Deadpool is a unique character from Marvel Comics who is most notable for his twisted sense of humur, constantly breaking the fourth wall, (he knows he is a fictional comic book character) and his morally ambigious nature, making him the perfect anti-hero. The character’s back story sees him be part of the same Weapon X program as X-Men’s Wolverine, signing up to try to cure his Cancer but inadvertently gaining accelerated healing powers, side effects of which include a break in his mental faculties, resulting in an almost psychotic personality. Never stumbling into conventional heroism, Deadpool’s appeal really stems from his completely off the wall nature that speaks directly to the audience and essentially was meta before meta became a concept explored in film and television.

Deadpool’s first appearance in a live action feature film was in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘, in which the character’s origin story was so far removed from the comic book version that it could have easily been a different character altogether. Even though a solo film starring Ryan Reynolds reprising the role was greenlit, it was agreed that the character would be reboot and brought closer to his comic book depictions. However, the project kept stalling, due to shifting directors and a constant debate about the film’s rating, given that Fox’s superhero films had all been PG thus far.

[ Announcing the film’s rating on Extra with Mario Lopez ]

The fact that the ‘Deadpool’ movie is actually becoming a reality is a testament to the power of the masses and the steadfast commitment of a bankable actor like Ryan Reynolds, (admittedly a Deadpool fanboy himself) believing in the character. In 2014, when two year old test footage of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, shot by Director Tim Miller, leaked online, it was one of the few instances where comic book fans broke the internet. (A shorter version of the very same test footage does appear in the full trailer, with an additional sequences added on after it) Seeing this fan reaction, renewed interest in the ‘Deadpool‘ movie for Fox, and the previously stalled film with Reynolds back in the red suit, started production. It’s one of very few instances where fan support, and the unwavering dedication of the makers involved made the project possible.

Tim Miller, with lots of special effects experience behind him, in both video games and movies, is directing ‘Deadpool’ from a script written by ‘Zombieland’ writers Paul Wernick & Rhett Reese. Starring Reynolds, ‘Deadpool’ also takes full advantage of the actor who has been criticized for playing roles that play to his own strengths and personality. While those complaints may be vaild, Reynolds himself seems perfectly suited to play Deadpool as the character is a complete reflection of Reynolds’ own comedic sensibilities. The marketing campaign of the film has been appropriately attuned to Deadpool’s style, as you can see in the images below, as well the the Trailer to the official Trailer above.

Deadpool Starring Ryan Reynolds directed by Tim Miller releasing 2016.

First look of Ryan Reynolds in the Deadpool costume

Deadpool Starring Ryan Reynolds directed by Tim Miller releasing 2016.

Deadpool wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day

Deadpool Starring Ryan Reynolds directed by Tim Miller releasing 2016.

Announcing the ‘Deadpool’ movie panel at SDCC 2015

‘Deadpool’ releases February 12th, 2016. Starring Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, Gina Carano & T. J. Miller; Directed by Tim Miller. 

Do you think the ‘Deadpool’ movie will be as good as it seems fun?

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