Canadian Film Fest 2017: ‘LOVE IN THE AGE OF LIKE’ (2016) – Short Film Review

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‘Love In The Age Of Like’ is a quirky and hilarious short film premiering at the Canadian Film Fest 2017. A quick yet effective short, the film analyzes the impact of social media on relationships in a very tongue in cheek manner that is incredibly subtle, to say the least.

Rating: 4 Out of 5

The instant gratification of approval from social media these days causes us to obsessively cling to our mobile devices. But what that does to our psyche and expectations in a relationship is cleverly examined in the superbly funny ‘Love In The Age Of Like’. A young woman obsesses about breaking up with her boyfriend simply because he does not ‘like’ her social media posts and pictures. Starring Claire Stollery & Jaimie Spilchuk, the short film is written, directed and acted wonderfully with quick wit that spares no expense at making references, commentaries and jokes with ease.

Director Theodore Bezaire keeps things light and fast paced, which helps the jokes land and gives them their punch. Amarpal Dhillon’s writing is all kind of great-ness with dialogue that is natural and jaw droppingly funny. Claire Stollery carries the film with her irrational woman act that is never overbearing, but just annoying enough to retain her natural charm. Jamie Spilchuk is the closest thing to the comic relief, but simply because the chemistry between the two leads are amazing. Even Scott Cavalheiro makes an impression in a brief role.

‘Love In The Age Of Like’ is an incredibly self aware short film that is able to make a poignant commentary about what’s currently trending in society, while being appealing and witty on the surface. The film makes use of its high concept of the need for approval, to tell a great relationship story that’s as funny as it is ridiculous. In the best possible way.

Love in the Age of Like – TEASER 2017 from Theodore Bezaire on Vimeo.

‘Love In The Age Of Like’ premieres at the Canadian Film Fest 2017 on March 22nd, 2017 at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto, Ontario.
Tickets can be purchased here.


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