Canadian Film Fest 2017: ‘GROCERY STORE ACTION MOVIE’ (2016) – Short Film Review

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‘Grocery Store Action Movie’ is a hilarious spoof on one of the most popular genres of movies. Taking place entirely in a grocery store, the short film is effectively able to incorporate every trope from the genre in an entertaining and engaging way.

Rating: 5 Out Of 5

Satirical films themselves have become a genre of their own with the outlandish ‘Scary Movie’ franchise. But while those films cater to low hanging fruit, ‘Grocery Store Action Movie’ (‘GSAM’ from here on in) is more in the vein of homage films, similar to ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ or ‘Hot Fuzz’. ‘GSAM’ is the story of one man realizing at the last minute in the express lane of a grocery store that he forgot one item that may make or break an evening that is crucial to his social life. The movie is a race against the clock as he frantically dashes through the store, before losing his place in line, as the whole thing gets intensely personal.

‘GSAM’ is an amazingly funny movie, the intellect of which will entice action movie fans, and the ridiculousness will appeal to general audiences. The jokes, situations and comedic about-turns land perfectly and are acted brilliantly by all actors. Making use of every element of the genre, including the sidekick on the phone who has to act as dispatch and guide, the whole thing is a fun and ride.

Writers and stars Chris Wilson and Peter Carlone craft a great story, and we could easily see the beginning of the next kings of satire. Wilson wonderfully balances the deadpan deliveries, along with the full blown histrionics, while Carlone is the perfect compliment as the quirky antagonist. And Caitlin Howden makes three as the Oracle-like dispatch who shares wonderful history with Wilson’s character, and their back and forth provides the best source of humour in the film.

‘Grocery Store Action Movie’ is a very well done satire that plays on existing appreciation of action films, while still being accessible to all audiences.

‘Grocery Store Action Movie’ is part of the Homegrown Shorts at Canadian Film Fest 2017 on March 25th, 2017 at the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto, Ontario.
Tickets can be purchased here.

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