Canadian Film Fest 2016: DIVORCE PHOTOGRAPHER (2015) – Short Film Review

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Short films are tricky. They have to convey a sense of story, character growth and emotionally invest an audience in literally a fraction of the time that a feature length movie has to do the same. However, when done well, short films can be touching and moving. A recent newly released short showcases the emotional journey of it’s main character quite articulately and effectively.

Check out my Spoiler-free Movie Review of ‘Divorce Photographer’, premiering at the Canadian Film Fest 2016.

The Canadian Film Fest is a wholly Canadian film festival (obviously) that features home grown Canadian films in order to  elevate and celebrate excellence in films made outside the Hollywood norm. Held in the Downtown Toronto area, this year’s Festival takes place from March 30th to April 2nd. More information and (more importantly) tickets for the Festival can be found on their website.


Canadian Film Fest 2016: DIVORCE PHOTOGRAPHER (2015) - Short Film Review

Canadian Film Fest 2016: DIVORCE PHOTOGRAPHER (2015) - Short Film Review

Playing on the concept of a wedding photographer, ‘Divorce Photographer’ is all about the emotional breakdown of a woman in that career, who becomes sick and tired of love stories that always start out unrealistically happy, only to inevitably end. The story follows her, as she invents a brand new concept of photography, turns it into a business, and ends up helping others find closure in their failed relationships. Only to vicariously find that something missing in her life as well. 

The short film opens with the hilarious scene that kick starts the story, with the photographer Carla (Amy Matysio) losing her marbles during a romantic waterside photo shoot with a giddy married couple. The scene’s initial trite nature is the perfect set up for the gag that sets the tone for the rest of the wild story, with wonderful performances by the rest of the supporting cast. 

It’s pretty incredible how writer-director Christine Buijs tells this riveting story of the unhappy life of one woman, finding what she needs in her life to feel… fulfilled. And the fact that she tells this story in a very small amount of time, is just that much more incredible.

‘Divorce Photographer’ very effectively is able to use the format of a short film, to tell an amazing story that runs the gamut from funny to outrageous to moving and sweet. The small performances of everyone involved elevate the film that much more, adding to every nuance to tell a complete story.

Check out ‘Divorce Photographer’ when it premieres on April 1st at the Canadian Film Fest 2016. 

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