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Wow. Very few Bollywood movie trailers blow my mind. Enough to warrant an actual Blog Preview anyways. ISHAZAADE is a movie whose trailer I found immensely cool.

The trailer does a good job of giving us the look and feel and content to be expected with this movie. It’s a love story. But a violent and aggressive love story. It reminds me of Bonnie & Clyde or even an Indianized version of NATURAL BORN KILLERS. That possibility alone is pretty freakin’ awesome!

The newcomer Arjun Kapoor looks pretty decent, as a crass gun-toting maniac. I like it. The cute and bubbly Parineeti Chopra, who debuted in LADIES VS. RICKY BAHL, plays a completely different character in this one. A very vulgar and rough girl who apparently likes to hunt. Pretty awesome so far.

The Trailer sets up their love story that I assume follows some criminal activities, possibly being on the run as fugitives. So far… I’m loving this trailer and pretty excited for the movie. I actually hope that it’s very vulgar and downright rude. I would love to see a love story in Bollywood that’s not sweet and cuddly that rains down teddy bears and balloon hearts.

The Official Synopsis above makes it even clearer. It’s a love story born out of hatred and bullets. How does that not sound awesome?! And intriguing at the same time!

However… my only concern with this movie is not what’s on screen, but rather what is off screen. ISHAQZAADE is being made by Yash Raj Films.

It’s a minor concern. Yash Raj Films are associated with their family friendly affairs, with some minor exceptions. And they are also the ones responsible for attempting the most ridiculously horrible pieces of crap, at an attempt to redefine the conventional ‘love story’ genre in Bollywood. And failed. Miserably. Over and over again!

So I hope ISHAQZAADE doesn’t turn out to be a typical lovey dovey movie that tries to be different, but only superficially. I hope the characters stay true and remain violent and the graphic nature of the story and characters as portrayed in the Trailer stay consistent through out.

how many of us have wanted to do this to our significant others through the years… in impulse of course. (I hope she’s not reading 😐 )

It’s also gonna be interesting to see how they work in the song and dance numbers into a movie like this. There obviously are songs IN the movie, as we see glimpses from this Trailer. The type of songs will also be interesting to wait for as the Soundtrack releases. I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping for no songs that describe their feelings of loves for each other through poetry. In the rain. In a meadow. Cue winds. Ugh.

ISHAQZAADE should be interesting as hell. The Trailer is awesome and gives us a wicked love story that may or may not involve dead bodies and blood. Awesome! Can’t wait!

Check out the 1st Song trailer from the movie below. Again, so far so good!

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