Movie Review: VICKY DONOR (2012) – Bollywood Originality At Its Best, No Sarcasm!

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VICKY DONOR is a pretty decent flick with great humor, genuine drama and plain and simply, awesome performances, by one of my all time favorite Directors, Shoojit Sircar.

Rating: 4 Out Of 5 Stars


A film about a young unemployed slacker, who gets approached by a struggling Infertility Doctor for his genes, ends up supporting himself by donating sperm. I’ll repeat: VICKY DONOR is about a guy who donates sperm, for a living. The only kink comes, when this guy falls in love, and the truth threatens the relationship and his reputation. Of course.

It’s a great comedy, not expected from a Bollywood film, but it works mostly due to the writing and the deliveries from the characters of Vicky and Dr. Chaddha himself. These two make up the bulk of the film, with some great support from the other cast.

The writing of VICKY DONOR is very restraint, as it doesn’t rely too much on 3rd class toilet humor, as you would expect with a movie of this kind of content. That was probably the most surprising part. It’s not cheap jokes with foul mouths.

Debutant Juhi Chaturvedi writes a brilliant story, with an even better screenplay and best of all, the dialogues. It’s as family friendly of a film you can get, given the subject matter. The characters react to the situations probably the exact same way you are, while reading this review.

their chemistry is pretty amazing too…

Eventually, Vicky gets distracted from his day job, as he meets a girl and falls in love. With Dr. Chaddha on his heels to continue supporting his clinic with his exceptional genes, Vicky has to decide on either his income or the love of his life, or try to see if he can keep both. This is where things get interesting, as obviously what Vicky does, is a far cry form the typical Engineer or Doctor a young lady wants in a husband.

VICKY DONOR is real. It’s a story that is as close as it can be to real world perceptions of almost everything that happens. Almost. It’s a small film, which at times makes fun of itself and keeps things light hearted, even when things get very serious. It’s an honest and simple movie that works amazingly with newcomer Ayushmann Khurrana. In his debut film, this kid is able to act like he belongs, in a role where being worthless is his charm. Tough to do as a newcomer, but he does it flawlessly.

he’s proud of his work… and rightly so. his acting work I meant… 😐

Annu Kapoor plays the hapless Infertility Doctor stalking Vicky for his sperm. (Yes, that’s what happens) As always, a strong character actor like him does amazing. He can be considered the 2nd lead of this film, not the chick.

Every scene in this movie is worth it. The pacing is great, with the soundtrack seamlessly intertwined to make the scenes work with it, instead of against, as in most movies. The supporting casts of regional actors all are aces as well.

yes… this is one of his methods of persuasion.

VICKY DONOR is one of the funnier movies I’ve seen in recent times, which have kept things classy and simple, without relying on convoluted plot points, coincidences and larger than life characters. It’s a great watch and a great film by one of my favorite directors… Shoojit Sircar of …YAHAAN fame!

I’m a little taken aback that the 1st time Director who gave us a small yet powerful film like YAHAAN, returns 7 years later with another small yet entertaining film. A great watch to pass the time, VICKY DONOR is an all round entertainer which goes from a gut busting situational comedy, into a heart warming story of a a couple struggling with their relationship.

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