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There’s been a lot of amazing movies of 2012, but if there’s one stand out that’s an amazing family entertainer it’s gotta be BARFI!


4 Out Of 5 Stars

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 I’m completely bowled over by this movie. It’s the most well done, both stylistically and story wise movie that’s able to do so much with a lead character who neither speaks nor can hear.

 BARFI! is about the life and times of lead character Barfi, named Murphy by his parents, however his inability to neither speak nor hear, causes him to blurt it out as “Barfi”. (an Indian  sweet dish) The movie shows us this character, who has this handicap from birth, however is completely oblivous to it. Among the obvious, there are quite a few stars of BARFI! Making it a great piece of storytelling for the masses.

Ranbir Kapoor in BARFI

silly billy…


Ranbir Kapoor is the titular Barfi, who is a man full of life whose disability never seems to be an issue to him. Barfi is one of those characters that you love to love. He’s exuberant, joyous with the innocence of a child and the mischief of a slightly older child. Ranbir Kapoor plays the character excellently, as it’s usual to his other charming, chocolate hero roles. The fact that he plays the character mute, just makes it a little cuter.

Despite these qualities, this is not a role that is different from the other things Ranbir Kapoor has done in movies like ANJAANA ANJAANI or BACHNA AE HASEENO. Barfi is similar to those characters in personality and attitude, only difference being the character doesn’t speak or hear. The real ‘star’ of BARFI! To me, who’s gone above and beyond her existing repertoire, has to be Priyanka Chopra.

so cute!

Chopra plays Jhilmil, an autistic young woman, and granddaughter of a rich man, who Barfi is accused of kidnapping. Jhilmil’s handicap in combination with Barfi’s young at heart routine is what makes this movie. Their chemistry is amazing, despite the completely different people that they play. Chopra is excellent at invoking great emotions within her character as the audience, despite playing a character who is unable to express herself clearly. A similarity that causes both these characters to hit it off.


When making a movie, which ultimately is a love story of a deaf and mute man and an autistic girl, the background score and overall music plays a massively important part in the movie. Pritam does an amazing job with all the original music in the movie, and it further enhances each scene and interaction between the lead couple.

he dances… without sound…

Writing & Direction:

The final star of BARFI! has to be Writer and Director Anurag Basu. This wonderful feel good family movie consists of some of the most dramatic and tear jerking scenes ever. The narrative flow is also unique as it spans decades and goes back and forth between 3 time periods, multiple characters’ perspectives and an interview style retelling of the life and times of Barfi. Basu is able to write a sweet, and never before story about two extraordinary people falling in love. BARFI! The scenes in the beginning reflecting silent movies and the Charlie Chaplin era were also great throwbacks.

BARFI! Is an entertaining movie, with many feel good moments and an over all bubbly and perky personality. Everything from the songs, the performances and the story is meant to engage the audience and keep one feeling good from beginning to end.

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