TV Series Review: DEXTER – Season 2 (2007)

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After killing his own blood brother, who also happened to be a serial killer like himself, Season 2 of DEXTER sees Dexter himself suffering from withdrawals from not killing anyone in a while. Yea, it’s that fucked.

The end of Season 1 of DEXTER had Dexter kill the only real link to his true past, before adoption, but doing so also put him on the radar of the most suspicious cop out there, Sgt. Doakes. So not only is Dexter having performance anxiety (it happens to every serial killer) when it comes to his nightly adventures, but he’s also doubting everything taught to him by his foster father Harry. I guess it would be the serial killer equivalent of an identity crisis.

Season 2 focuses around the fact that Dexter’s life comes crashing down around him, from every angle. His personal relationship with his girlfriend Rita is in jeopardy after he framed her former junkie/husband. His underwater graveyard where he disposed all his kills have been found out. Dexter is questioning his personal and moral code, and the identity that his foster father helped create as he flips out. Oh not to mention the season-wide conflict this season is how the cops are trying to find Dexter himself as the mysterious killer of all those underwater bodies.

such a hottie… when she wants to be… :p

DEXTER works on a fucked up psychopath killer level, but Season 2 gives us another perspective, that ends up screwing with us even more. Season 1 introduced us to the serial killer that is Dexter. Season 2 has us cheering for him to get away with it, cringing at every potential exposure to his identity. His secret comes very close to being exposed, and it does in some instances.

The sub plots grow this season as well, with Deb (Dex’s foster sister) getting over her killer ex-fiancĂ©e and getting attracted to the very agent in charge of hunting down her brother. Harry (Dex’s foster father) is revealed to have more personal bonds with Dexter prior to his adoption than we initially thought. Rita’s character grows and becomes super hot compared to her Season 1 portrayal.

The worst thing about this season is Jaime Murray. Not because she’s a bad actress, but more the fact that her character acts as a catalysts that further fucks Dexter and convolutes the storyline that much more, raising the stakes to just jaw dropping extremities. Murray plays her part to perfection as we’re supposed to hate her and just— arrgghhh!!

DEXTER Season 2 is pure excitement from episode to episode. The stakes are higher, the issues are more complex, and we even get to see calm and cold Dexter break down a few times with rage filled awesome-ness! Season 2 of DEXTER is great as the storyline puts the titular character’s fate in jeopardy and all the plotlines are heading towards the destruction of the entire premise of the show itself.

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