12 MONKEYS (2015) – S01E12: ‘Paradox’ Review

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So this is it. We are nearing the end of one of the best shows this season. While Cole is bedridden in the latest episode of ’12 Monkeys’ from the effects of time travel slowly killing him, Amanda Schull’s Cassandra finds help from the unlikeliest source. The episode titled ‘Paradox’, finally reveals the meaning behind flashes that Cole has been having, and connects them thematically to the movie that the show is based on. It’s a great full circle for  fans of both the movie and the show, and proves just how talented the writers are for adapting the series in this manner. The episode is relatively simple while hopefully giving us a kick ass finale.

Staying mostly in the present, ‘Paradox’ fully explores the past of Dr. Jones as well as well as providing a somewhat origin story for Aaron Stanford’s Cole himself. Due to worsening from the effects of continuous time travel, Cole’s cells are in a state of flux from being out of time so often. As an attempt to save him, Cassandra contacts the Jones from 2015 who suggests to find the young Cole of the present and inject future-Cole with his own blood in order to normalize his cells. It’s a cool paradox (get it?) as both baby Cole and future Cole meet and we learn his story. Apparently his mother may have had connections to The Army Of The 12  Monkeys. This episode subtly seems to imply that Cole may have  some sort of pre-destined importance to the story. I just hope they don’t go the whole ‘chosen one ‘ route. That would be annoying.
12 Monkeys on SyFy starring Aaron Stanford & Amanda Schull Emily Hampshire Season 1 2015

Nearing the end of Season One, ’12 Monkeys’ slows things down a bit in this episode and provides some cool connections between the characters. Jones decision to have a baby after spending time with baby Cole is curious, especially considering that the baby’s death is what keep Jones motivated to change things in the future, driving her to find Cole and send him back in time for things to continue on this circular path. Even Cole’s own father having to save future-Cole by sacrificing himself in the process, thereby being the reason that Cole grew up without a father in a foster home where he meets Ramse, is that much more impactful now knowing how things play out. Fate and Destiny do seem to be playing a big part of things in this episode. This is further exasperated when we see some H. G. Wells Mole Men people of appear in the future wanting to infiltrate Jones’ compound with the help of Deacon from the West 7. 

There is something that has a bigger significance this episode, but it’s very subtle. Unlike other Time Travel stories, the sequence of events here seem cyclical and not happening due to anyone`s interference. Things aren’t happening because Jones & Cole are interfering with the past, but their involvement is how things seem to have played out originally in the first place. Like Jones knowing that Cole is lost in the past, and will no longer be anything but a memory, especially considering that in the past, Jones tells Cole of his inability to travel through time due to his blood transfusion. So  future-Jones already knew this from day one. This makes things interesting because the show is based on the time travel premise, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the last episode,  as well as Season 2.

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